Nebraska hunters are not happy about a proposal to allow non-resident hunters to shell out cash for a bonus mule deer tag while forcing residents who didn’t manage to grab one of the first 1,500 resident tags to play the lottery game for those same tags.

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Nebraska is among the easternmost states with a stable population of mule deer. Last year, a special mule deer hunting unit in the southwest part of the state was the first to sell out of permits. This year, if more than 1,500 resident hunters want one of the $30 permits, the Game and Parks Commission plans to use a lottery to distribute them.

Out-of-state hunters who want the same permit, however, won’t need the luck of the draw — just a credit card with an available balance of $521. The plan has prompted a few Nebraska hunters to accuse the state of cashing in on nonresidents at the expense of residents…The commission says its plan should satisfy all or most of resident demand but also will give nonresidents a chance at a big buck for big bucks.

Thoughts? What say you, Cornhuskers? Is this a fair and equitable arrangement or is it as bad an idea as Nebraska leaving the Big 12 for the Big 10? Discuss…