I’ll be honest: I do not, by nature, possess an outgoing, cheerful, always-optimistic personality. That’s why I married someone who does. And I try to always look on the sunny side of life, I really do. But I swear, sometimes I read a news story and it just makes me wonder why bother, when there are so many jerks in this world?

From this story in the Marion (OH) Star:
A Marion man fishing the Sandusky River this weekend was severely beaten after a dispute over a parking spot, according to police. Fremont police were notified of the incident Sunday, though the assault itself is alleged to have taken place at about 10:30 a.m. Friday on the riverbank, near downtown. A 53-year-old Marion man was on a fishing trip with an in-law when, according to police reports, he got into an argument with a stranger.

Police were told the Marion man asked the stranger to straighten out his truck to make more room in a parking area off Elliot Street, on the east side of the river. After the exchange, the stranger followed the man to the top of Fremont’s flood wall and began beating him, according to the in-law.

All the guy wanted to do was go fishing, but because he had the gall and temerity to ask another guy to park correctly, he receives, according to the story, severe facial injuries, including a concussion, multiple facial fractures, a broken nose, a broken jaw and who-the-hell knows what else. And to top it off, the poor guy’s wife said this was the first time he’d gone fishing on that river in several years due to prior health issues.

Be careful out there, folks. However much it angers you to see rude, loutish, self-absorbed behavior become such a ubiquitous and seemingly normal part of everyday life, sometimes it’s just not worth it to point it out. More often than not, it’s going to be a waste of breath anyway, and you never know if it’s going to degenerate into something much worse.