Keystone State hunters who depend on permission to hunt private land just got a big boost with the passage of a bill that limits liability for landowners who allow hunting on their property.

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Pennsylvania Farm Bureau (PFB) praised the state Senate for unanimously approving a bill that would limit the liability on farmers and other landowners who allow hunters on their property. Senate Bill 1403, sponsored by Senator Richard Alloway (R-Franklin), would prevent landowners from being prosecuted for Pennsylvania Game Code violations committed by hunters who are given permission to use the property.

Landowners who currently allow hunting on their property could be held responsible for violations by hunters, such as taking an animal out of season. “This is a commonsense piece of legislation, which protects landowners from being prosecuted for the misdeeds of others. Why should landowners be penalized for opening up their property for recreational purposes?” said PFB President Carl T. Shaffer.

Do you think this will help to open up more private land to hunting? Does your state have a landowner liability law for recreational activity?