What’s the most effective call for turkey hunting? If you live in New Jersey, it’s probably a police siren. A New Jersey turkey hunter who got lost after parking his car and walking into the woods was rescued by the sweet, melodic sound of a state police cruiser…

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__On May 14, a hunter was aided by State Police who were called to Snydertown Road at about 10 a.m. after a Hamiltown Township man called 911 from his cell phone to report that he was lost. According to State Police, the man had parked on Snydertown Road then went a mile or two into the woods hunting wild turkey when he got “turned around.” Troopers activated the trooper car’s siren, reached the man via his cell phone and, stayed on the line with him for 45 minutes as he found his way out of the woods by following the sound of the siren.

In deference to all the Field & Stream editors who are proud Garden State natives, I will refrain from making any “that’s-just-how-they-do-things-in-Jersey” jokes. I will instead play it straight from the CYA angle and leave it up to you people. Don’t let me down…