In newspaperspeak, it’s called the “man bites dog” story, those trusty role reversal items that are journalism staples. This is more of a “Master Defends Dog” story, thanks to a rabid mountain lion and a handy, heavy frying pan.

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Brandon Arnold was camping 40 miles west of Interstate 17’s Bloody Basin exit with his family and friends. They brought along Apollo, a 3-year-old lab-pitbull mix. Friday morning, as the group was waking up and preparing breakfast, Arnold said a 90-pound female mountain lion jumped out of the bushes. “It was a sneak attack, for sure,” he said. “The dog was getting its butt kicked, yelping.”

Arnold grabbed a big skillet they had out for breakfast and beat the lion over the head. Two blows knocked it unconscious and a friend fired a few shots to make sure it was dead.

It just goes to show that sometimes the most effective weapon is the one at hand.