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Have you’ve always dreamed of becoming an official alligator removal specialist, but never thought you’d be able to deal with all those annoying regulatory requirements? Well thanks to the unlikely combination of horny alligators and a really lousy economy, here’s your chance to reach for the stars and grab that dream by its thick, scaly tail. But only if you live in Texas.

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There’s a growing population of more than a half-million alligators in Texas, and they’re spread out over 125 counties. The state needs help to control the surge. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department needs alligator hunters. For the first time this year, the TPWD has opened up nuisance alligator hunting to anyone. Once certified, a hunter will be allowed to sell his or her services to homeowners, subdivisions and businesses having alligator problems.
In years past, the state contracted out to a small number of certified alligator hunters to handle these nuisance calls. Each contractor was assigned a region, and TPWD approved the hunts on a case-by-case basis. However, recent budget cuts have forced the TPWD to change its rules. With an alligator staff now composed of just a single employee and an increase in nuisance calls, the state and its contractors can no longer keep up. “Hopefully it works for us, because we could no longer afford to do it,” said Amos Cooper, the state’s only employee in its alligator division. “Financially, it was too much for us to bear.”

Can you say reality television show opportunity? Or has the “zany, eccentric and/or bad boy animal removal celebrity” subgenre run its tired old course? Any Texans planning on trying it out?