If you’re a Washington deer hunter and you just haven’t been able to put your tag on a nice rack, maybe you should just put the rifle down and pick up your wallet.

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Washington’s Department of Fish and Wildlife is giving people a chance to get a nice rack, even if they’re not hunters. The Spokesman-Review reported that the department is auctioning off nearly 1,000 antlers seized from poachers over the past decade. The auction runs through June 5. Mike Cenci, the agency’s deputy chief of enforcement, says it’s a great opportunity for people to own trophy elk, deer and moose racks, but it also highlights that poaching is a serious problem in the state. Proceeds will be used to fight poaching, including offering rewards to people who report poaching incidents that lead to convictions.

It brings up an interesting question: is the state auctioning off poached trophy racks to the highest bidder and then using the proceeds to fight poachers a good use of the resource, or does it unintentionally fuel the very thing it’s trying to stop, especially if those poached racks go for big (pardon the pun) bucks? Or, if the basic economic law of supply and demand holds true, does it actually help alleviate demand for said racks by increasing supply? Hmmm…

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