Quick, without thinking, name the most interesting, entertaining man in college football today. If you didn’t say “Mike Leach” then you’re just plain wrong. The eccentric, pirate-loving, sometimes-befuddled-acting, but always-entertaining new coach of the Washington State Cougars makes that “Dos Equis” dude look like an accountant.

He’s the funniest, most bizarre, off-the-cuff and unpredictable sports personality out there. Just how entertaining is Mike Leach? While he was the coach at Texas Tech, he actually made Lubbock, Texas an interesting place. Hell, even Buddy Holly couldn’t do that.

Well, look out, hunting world it seems that Mike Leach is going bear hunting, at least according to his Twitter feed yesterday, which read “Watching the movie Grizzly Man. Going bear hunting in Canada on Tuesday with Mike Pawlawski.”

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Mike Leach is going bear hunting. That headline is not a joke. It’s not a play on words, either. Mike Leach is, apparently, going hunting for bears in Canada this week. It is the offseason after all. There is, however, a lot of irony here. You see, Mike Pawlawski is a former Cal Bear. Or maybe he’s just a Cal Bear — once a bear, always a bear. Also notice how Leach phrased that tweet. He’s going bear hunting. Pawlawski is a “bear” in the sense of his college affiliation. What Pawlawski doesn’t know is that Leach is hunting him. He’ll release Pawlawski into the wilderness, give him a head-start and go hunting. But seriously, Leach is watching Grizzly Man — remember, the “star” gets eaten by a bear — to prepare for a bear hunting excursion. This is the Cougars’ football coach. And this is awesome.

So that brings up an interesting question: who’s the most interesting man in the hunting world today? Whoever it is, doesn’t matter, because he may as well just step aside and hand the crown over to Mike Leach, if the crazy pirate decides he likes this hunting thing.