Hunters, hikers and wildlife watchers in Tennessee have a new 1,000-acre wildlife management to recreate on, thanks to a generous gift from some local businessmen, who graciously donated the land to the people of Tennessee out of a sense of altruism and charity. OK, so maybe the local “businessmen” were actually running a huge, multi-state pot growing operation on the property, which was subsequently seized and forfeited to the state after authorities put a lid on their operation. But it’s the thought that counts, right?

From this story in USA Today:_
In a unique example of cooperation among local, state and federal government officials, nearly 1,000 wooded acres that once hosted a massive marijuana operation were dedicated Wednesday as protected wildlife areas on Short Mountain in Cannon County, Tenn. Officials at all levels of government gathered to finally enjoy — six years in the making — the pristine ridges and scenic views to be preserved in a land transfer unmatched in Tennessee history._

Never before had land seized in a drug raid become parkland in the state. In fact, it is one of just four such transfers in the nation in 15 years, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency will oversee hunting, hiking and wildlife protection on acres where drug dealers previously made millions of dollars growing marijuana.

Thoughts? Should this become a trend?