What’s in a name? Plenty, if you’re a California hunter trying to hold on to your hunting heritage in a state that is increasingly making that harder to do.

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A bill in the state Legislature to change the name of the California Department of Fish and Game to the Department of Fish and Wildlife is being criticized by hunters who think the proposal is a waste of money and marginalizes hunting. State Assemblyman Jim Nielsen said changing the agency’s name shows it is moving away from managing game for hunting. Removing the word “game” will further diminish hunting in the state, he said. “It’s a very bad idea,” the Gerber Republican said. “Its intent is to diminish hunting.” The bill was approved in the state Assembly on May 30 by a vote of 47-27. The bill has not been voted on in the state Senate.

According to the story, hunters believe the name change is a deliberate attempt to marginalize hunting as a primary focus of the agency. The proposed name change will also cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement. However, proponents of the bill claim the name change will better reflect the agency’s mission.

What do you think? Mere semantics, or a deliberate ploy to further erode our place at the table?