Unlike Joe Cermele, who not only throws around phrases like “dope kicks” but actually knows what hell that means, I’m old, unhip and semantically clueless as to how I should write the lead paragraph for this next story without looking foolish and out-of-touch. Should it be “the fishing was “the” bomb? Or should it be “the fishing was “da” bomb? Hell if I know. You tell me…

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It’s the kind of fishing tale few people can tell. A man fishing in the Bright Water Reservoir near Hanley (Saskatchewan) on Sunday night hooked something big and discovered after reeling it in that he might have caught a homemade bomb. RCMP were called to the scene around 7:20 p.m. and confirmed the man had caught a bomb of unknown origin.

An RCMP explosives disposal unit safely “neutralized” the bomb at the scene and the investigation continues as officers work to find out how the bomb found its way to the reservoir and who put it there. “It’s a little unusual,” said spokesperson Cpl. Rob King. “Who knows what this person was doing? We are trying to find out who put it there and why.”