_–Chad Love
Canadian wildlife officers recently euthanized a black bear suspected of partially eating the body of a convicted murderer. Yeah, it’s weird.

From this story in the Seattle Times_:
__Canadian conservation officers have euthanized a black bear which they think ate the remains of a convicted murderer. British Columbia Environment Minister Terry Lake said Monday the bear’s description matched that of one seen guarding a cache that contained human remains. Lake says the animal was put down because bears remember food sources. Officials suspect the bear pulled the body of Rory Wagner, 54, from his car after he died on a remote logging road._

According to the story, Wagner, who served prison time after pleading guilty in 1994 to second-degree murder after he and two others were charged with killing a man who they believed had sexually assaulted a family member, was reported missing on May 23, but police do not believe his death was suspicious. What happened to his body afterwards, however, remains pretty damn macabre.