Congratulations to Michael Ellis and Joe Weyant, who submitted these photos of brown trout and carp, respectively. They took the last two prizes in our weekly Catchbook Photo Contest for the month of May. Michael and Joe will each get a PFG Blood and Guts™ Ball Cap from Columbia. Click here to learn how you can enter this contest. Click here for the official rules.

And the May Catchbook Contest winner is Michael Ellis. He will be receiving a Columbia Airgill Chill™ Long Sleeve fishing shirt and his photo will appear in the pages of our magazine. Michael, we hope you give your prize to the lovely lady in the photo, since she got you two prizes with this photo you took of her and her brown trout. We’ll be contacting you soon.


Catchbook is a new fishing app for the iPhone that automatically turns photos of fish you’ve caught into detailed fishing journal entries that show up on your map, then shares those entries exclusively with trusted friends. Our goal is to help you and your buddies learn more about the spots you fish. You can download the app from iTunes here.