For such a small state, New Jersey certainly seems to have more than its fair share of spooky weirdness. First it was the Jersey Devil. Then came the cast of Jersey Shore. Now comes word that Jersey has its own Bermuda Triangle. Hook Shots episode, anyone?

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A fisherman’s paradise, Round Valley Reservoir in Hunterdon County stretches across 2,000 noise-free acres and is stocked with plenty of trout. On a good day, you can gaze down about 20 feet into its blue waters. But there’s also a dark side to the popular Clinton Township fishing hole, New Jersey’s deepest man-made lake. Somewhere in its depths lie six presumably drowned men who’ve been missing for years, and surrounding it are tales about its death toll, which numbers roughly a couple dozen within the past 40 years.

Some locals call the reservoir “the Bermuda Triangle of New Jersey,” a nickname that’s being uttered once again after a fishing hook snared a skeletal human foot earlier this month.

According to the story, officials scoff at the notion there’s something (besides skeletal remains) “afoot” at the lake. Instead, they say most of the drownings and disappearances at the lake could have been prevented with a little preparation and common sense, like not venturing out on to the lake on a windy day in a small boat. But folklore and urban legend will not be denied.

Is there a “Bermuda Triangle” somewhere near you? Some dark, sinister place of urban legend where anglers and/or hunters venture at their own peril?