An Ontario hunting guide is facing a hefty fine and the loss of his hunting and guiding privileges after admitting he used dogs and motorboats to herd deer toward his clients.

From this story in the Duluth News Tribune:
Grant Gustafson, 42, pleaded guilty to hunting swimming deer, chasing deer with a motorboat, discharging a firearm from a motorboat, unlawfully hunting wolves, killing moose without a license, attaching a game seal to a moose that had been killed by another person, using an illegal firearm and making a false statement to a Ministry of Natural Resources conservation officer. Gustafson — who has a record trophy whitetail deer to his credit — was fined $40,000 Canadian ($38,976 American) and is banned from hunting for 10 years and from guiding hunters for two years.

According to the story, Gustafson used dogs to chase deer off islands in open water on Lake of the Woods, then used boats to drive the swimming deer toward his clients. Gustafson also allegedly took hunters out on boats, and if the deer was deemed large enough, the deer were shot while swimming. But wait, there’s more! Gustafson also allegedly directed clients to shoot wolves out of season, used a center-fire rifle in a primitive-only hunting zone and ran a smuggling ring that supplied orphaned children to Asian sweatshops.

OK, so maybe I made up that last part, but geez, the rest of it is bad enough. And this is a guy who, in 1995, shot the highest-scoring non-typical whittail ever taken in Ontario, a bruiser that scored 250 1/8. No word on whether it was shot from a deer stand while running or shot from alongside a boat while dog-paddling, but it does make you wonder…

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