As debris from last year’s tsunami begins making its first appearance on our west coast shores, seafood caught in the waters off Fukushima, Japan goes on sale for the first time since the disaster.

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The first seafood caught off Japan’s Fukushima coastline since last year’s nuclear disaster went on sale Monday, but the offerings were limited to octopus and marine snails because of persisting fears about radiation. Octopus and whelk, a kind of marine snail, were chosen for the initial shipments because testing for radioactive cesium consistently measured no detectable amounts, according to the Fukushima Prefectural (state) fishing cooperative. They were caught Friday and boiled so they last longer while being tested for radiation before they could be sold Monday. Flounder, sea bass and other fish from Fukushima can’t be sold yet because of contamination. It was unclear when they will be approved for sale as they measure above the limit in radiation set by the government.

According to the story, the seafood was described as crisp and delicious, with only a hint of plutonium aftertaste and a mild glow. OK, so maybe I added the last part. According to the story, no radiation was detected. Still, it begs the question: would you eat it, or would there always be a whiff of doubt in the back of your mind?