So just what is a quillback carpsucker? Beats me, but some dude fishing a bass tournament in Tennessee just caught the new state record.

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A bass tournament angler in east Tennesse reeled in the catch of his life, etching his name into the state record books with a new state record fish last weekend. Brandon Hollaway of Gray, landed a 5-pound, 8-ounce Quillback Carpsucker on Boone Lake Saturday evening. The fish has been certified as a new state record by TWRA biologists. While cranking a Bill Norman DD-22 over a rock pile in 35 feet of water, Holloway felt the fish hit. “I thought I had a 6-to-7 pound largemouth bass,” Holloway stated. “I got it up to the top and netted it, and I didn’t know what I had.

According to the story, nobody else knew what it was either. Holloway began texting pictures of his unusual catch to other anglers asking what it was, but no one could identify it until they looked it up on the state game and fish agency’s website. The, uh, monster quillback carpsucker shattered the previous record of 4lbs. 2oz.

Anyone else ever caught a quillback carpsucker? Or even heard of it?