Looking for a unique gift for the hunter in your life who already has everything? Then here’s a unique vintage hunting-related kit that might fit the bill, especially when next fall’s Nosferatu season rolls around.

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Worried about attacks from the undead? The answer could be at hand with a 19th-century vampire-slaying kit, “almost complete and in good condition”, about to be put up for auction in Britain. The kit contains a mallet and stakes – presumably for hammering into the bloodsucker’s heart – plus pistol, steel bullet mould, Rosary beads, an 1857 Anglican prayer book and a crucifix, Tennants Auctioneers said in a statement.

Housed in a mahogany box, the kit also contains glass bottles containing holy water, holy earth, and garlic paste for warding off vampires, the BBC reported.

According to the story, the kit will go up for auction in North Yorkshire, England on June 22, in the same area Bram Stoker wrote his classic “Dracula” in 1897. The kit, which may (or may not) be a novelty item, is apparently generating a lot of international attention from collectors. But looking at the contents, I can’t help but feel the kit needs to be updated a bit. Where’s the modern vampire-specific ammunition? Vampire Edition tactical AR and sidearm? The zombie craze isn’t gonna last forever, you know. Maybe vampires are the next big shooting fad? This kit would seem to indicate that, unlike zombies, at least vampire guns had some sort of historical precedent.