What’s just as patriotic as accidentally blowing off a finger or two on the Fourth of July? According to this just released, bipartisan poll from the Nature Conservancy, it’s conservation of our natural resources…

From this press release from the Nature Conservancy:

Nearing the Fourth of July in the highly partisan atmosphere of a presidential election year, The Nature Conservancy released a bipartisan national poll showing that at least one issue is widely supported by Americans across the political spectrum: the conservation of our nation’s land and water. And, the bipartisan team of pollsters note, from “Tea Party Republicans to liberal Democrats, more than four-in-five American voters say that conserving our country’s natural resources–our land, air and water–is patriotic.”

In addition, three-quarters of the American electorate says that “one of the things our government does best” is protecting its “history and natural beauty through national parks, forests and other public lands.” Not surprisingly, then, three-fourths of voters say they would prefer to go on vacation this summer in a national park or other public lands.

According to the poll, almost 75 percent of voters say federal conservation funding should not be cut, and that more than 70 percent of voters across the political spectrum are willing to pay more in taxes to fund protection of land, water and wildlife habitat in their area.

The rest of the report goes into far greater detail, and is well worth a read regardless of your political persuasion. Provided you still have enough digits this morning to type a response, what do you think of the poll? Agree? Disagree?