Deliberately releasing destructive non-native fish into your local waters is but one example of why stupidity, rather than compassion, reason or opposable thumbs, is the defining hallmark of the human condition. Stupidity is truly global, and so, apparently, are those pesky little South American piranhas.

From this Reuters story:
The government of Guangxi region’s Liuzhou is asking people to hunt the alien South American species, which badly bit two people earlier in the week who were paddling in the Liujiang River, the China Daily said. A southern Chinese city is on the alert for piranhas after two people were attacked in a river, and is offering a 1,000 yuan ($160) reward for every fish caught, dead or alive, state media reported on Thursday.

According to the story, Chinese officials have gone to a full court press to catch the piranhas, which they suspect were introduced into the river by people who originally bought them as ornamental fish.

_”Fishing with nets is not allowed in the section of the river that flows through the city, but we have made an exemption. Five fishing boats with experienced fishermen have been deployed on the river since Monday,” Liuzhou official Wei Yongwen told the newspaper. “In addition, more than 40 other fishermen from the local fishing association have joined us as well. They all use small pieces of pork as bait.”Other people have taken up position along the river’s banks with rods, it added.
However, it seem the piranhas’ days are numbered whether they’re caught or not, as the river’s wintertime water temperatures will eventually kill them off.