If you had 640 acres of land–one square mile–what would you do with it? For one Colorado man the choice was easy: donate the property to Pheasants Forever as a way of honoring his father’s legacy.

From this press release on the Pheasants Forever website:
Rob Peterson, 53, of Colorado Springs, Colo., has donated his 640-acre property near Cimarron, Kans., to Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever as part of the organization’s Grassroots Conservation Campaign, furthering PF’s habitat mission and generously providing a place for future hunters and outdoorspeople to enjoy forever. Peterson, a long-time PF member and Pikes Peak Colorado Pheasants Forever chapter co-chair, noted that his father’s passion for the outdoors and the time they spent hunting and fishing are the main reasons to make Pheasants Forever the recipient of his major gift.

_Peterson, a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel, grew up in Minnesota where he learned to appreciate the outdoors with his father, Robert Peterson, Sr., through countless hours hunting and fishing. “We spent a lot of time in the outdoors with each other,” Col. Peterson said. “The success of the hunt was not always a big deal to us. It was the experience of spending time together that we valued most.” Those outdoor experiences are what shaped his dream for honoring his father’s memory. In 2010, during one of the last conversations Rob had with his father, he told his dad of his plan to dedicate a piece of land in his memory so his outdoor legacy could live on forever. Shortly after this conversation, Rob’s father lost his battle with cancer.

The property is currently being converted to productive wildlife habitat. “Habitat is my vision, because I realize if we don’t have the habitat, the upland hunting is going to dry up,” Col. Peterson said. “If we don’t have the habitat, we can’t ensure there will be an opportunity for young people to hunt 20, 30, 40 years from now.”_

Wow, that’s a major gift. Kudos to Mr. Peterson for taking the long view and doing way, way more than his part to help ensure the future of our upland hunting tradition. Know anyone in your area that’s done something similar?