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There’s a bumper sticker you may have seen that reads “Paddle faster, I hear banjo music.” Someone is going to have to come up with a new one for this guy.

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A first-time kayaker had a close encounter with a great white shark off the coast of Massachusetts over the weekend. Sunbathers first spotted the shark following two kayakers on Saturday afternoon off Nauset Beach, the Cape Cod Times reported, and yelled to the men offshore. One of the kayakers saw the shark and quickly paddled in, while it took the other one, Walter Szulc Jr., of Manchester, N.H., a little while longer to notice the dorsal fin just feet away from him.

_”There were hundreds of people on the beach, and they were all at the edge, yelling paddle paddle, paddle!” Dave Alexander told the NBC News affiliate in Boston, Szulc said when he looked behind him, the shark “was pretty much right there.””It was good-sized, it had a fin sticking out, so I just turned and paddled,” he told It was the first time Szulc had kayaked
Man, a first (and probably last) time kayaker. I’d give a penny for this dude’s thoughts, guessing it was something along the lines of: “What’s everybody waving and pointing and screaming for? Wait a second… Uh, oh. Don’t look back, just don’t look back, whatever you do just paddle and don’t look back… aw, @#*$, shouldn’t have looked back.”

How would you react to the same situation?