In response to the news that Minnesota will conduct its first-ever fall wolf hunt, a new group is howling mad and is vowing to fight the hunt.

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A group opposed to wolf hunting is ratcheting up efforts in Minnesota, where the first managed wolf hunting and trapping season in history is scheduled for this fall. Howling for Wolves Monday issued a news release accusing the DNR of catering to “special interest groups,” which it identifies as ranchers, hunters and trappers. The group has issued a Data Practices Act request asking for all communications between the Department of Natural Resources and lawmakers and others, including the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association.

Howling for wolves? Really? Now I’m no expert or anything, but if you want to get people to take you seriously, shouldn’t you choose a name with a little more…gravitas? Something like “The Minnesota Wolf Protection Coalition” or maybe “Wolves Forever?” Because, quite frankly, “Howling For Wolves” sounds like the name of a really, really bad bongo drum circle band.