We’ve all read about (or even experienced firsthand) the dangers of illegal pot growing operations on public land. As it turns out, these scourges on our land aren’t just dangerous for us, they’re also deadly for wildlife.

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_Scientists at UC Davis say illegal marijuana farms could be harming a rare California mammal. High doses of rat poison, commonly used by pot farmers, are showing up in Pacific fishers. Fishers are a weasel-like animal found in California’s secluded forests. The species is currently being considered for protection under the Endangered Species Act.
According to the story, researchers discovered that 80 percent of the dead fishers discovered in California had been exposed to rat poison, which pot growers dump indiscriminately on the patches to keep away rodents. The fishers had been wearing radio collars so scientists know they hadn’t gone into inhabited areas like farms, so illegal pot patches were the only possible means of contact.

This takeover of public lands seems to be getting ever worse in some parts of the nation, and in essence shutting out hunters, anglers, hikers and anyone else utilizing public land. And now it’s polluting the environment and killing wildlife. Is there anything we can do to stop it? When do you say enough is enough and start going medieval on these folks?