In the wake of a tremendous number of public comments on changes to its wolf hunting season, the state of Montana has officially approved the rules and bag limits for this year’s hunt.

From this story in the Great Falls Tribune:
Montana wildlife commissioners approved new wolf hunting rules Thursday that allow trapping and the killing of up to three of the predators by one trapper. The move came after the officials waded through thousands of written comments regarding management of the species that evokes strong emotions. The new rules approved on a voice vote closely resemble regulations in Idaho and follow a hunting season when Montana hunters failed to reach the quota of 220 wolves. Wildlife managers will allow some trapping, lift most quotas and expand the length of the season. In addition, Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials plan to ask Montana legislators to pass bills to further expand the hunt through measures such as electronic calls.

Last season, hunters took a total of only 166 wolves, and the total population actually rose by 15 percent. Since the state didn’t meet its quota last year, do you think the new regs will help spur additional interest in the wolf season? Anyone who didn’t try it last year plan on giving it a go this year?