First it was elk in West Virgina, and in other wildlife expansion news, black bears are now migrating farther south in New Jersey than anyone in the Garden State expected.

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Until a 230-pound cub bounded across Landis Avenue–a sight so odd that onlookers at first thought it was a huge dog–New Jersey had no proof that American black bears had migrated so far south.

A spate of bear sightings over the last few months have stretched south from Princeton to East Windsor to Winslow Township, down into Gloucester County. Unconfirmed reports also placed bears in wildlife management areas in Atlantic and Cape May Counties.

According to the story, all 21 New Jersey counties have had bear sightings, but up until now most Jersey bruins have been limited to the heavily-wooded northwest part of the state. Jersey hunters took 469 bears during last year’s black bear season.