OK, all you wildlife CSI’ers, just what the hell is this thing that recently washed up on the shores of New York City’s East River and totally freaked out the Big Apple? Is it a pig, a rat, a raccoon, chupacabra or something else? Is this a case of decomposition or cryptozoology?

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New York City is notorious for dangerously large rats — at least if you watch the movies, that’s what they would have you to believe. But an unidentified monstrous animal that was found dead on the shoreline of the East River has locals and officials scratching their heads.

According to the story, a NYC woman discovered the mystery animal while walking under the Brooklyn Bridge, took pictures of the corpse, and that’s when the speculation began. The New York City Parks Department originally claimed it was a pig, but anyone who’s ever raised a pig (or eaten pickled pig’s feet) can see that that’s not the case. So, what’s your best guess?