To say the subject of wolves is a charged topic is a little like saying Ted Nugent has a big mouth (and that’s a judgement-neutral statement. Good or bad, you can’t deny the man likes to opine, loudly). Just how much passion do wolves evoke? A recent plan to change Montana’s wolf hunting regulations drew 6,000 (and counting) comments.

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More than 6,500 people weighed in on proposed changes to Montana’s 2012/2013 wolf hunting and trapping seasons, and chances are even more comments will be made during a July 12 Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission meeting. Ron Aasheim, FWP spokesman, said they’re still going through what could be a record number of comments received by the state agency, with most of them focusing on the proposal to allow trapping of wolves as well as increasing the bag limit to three wolves per person per season. “The comments came from in state, out of state and out of the country,” Aasheim said. “We got form letters, post cards, Survey Monkey (an online comment mechanism) emails and phone calls.

According to the story, most of the comments focused on a proposal to trap wolves, as well as increasing the per-person bag limit.

What do you think it would take to get 6,000 comments on a hunting/fishing proposal in your state?