I know it’s the middle of July and much of the nation is one big convection oven, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the upcoming fall, er, summer waterfowl seasons.

Summer waterfowl season? Yep, slip on those neoprene flip-flops, glop yourself with a big handful of sunscreen, grab your camo beach chairs and head for South Dakota, where the early resident Canada goose season is set to open on August 4 this year.

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The resident population of Canada geese in South Dakota grew faster in the past year than hunters killed them. With complaints increasing about crop damage, the state Game, Fish and Parks Commission put steps in place Monday to let hunters kill many more.

Commissioners adopted rules that allow hunters to harvest 15 Canada geese per day during what’s known as the August management take. The hunt will now start one week earlier, on Aug. 4, and continue through the end of August. The commissioners also increased the daily limit to 15 for the early fall season that runs Sept. 1-30.

When’s the earliest you can hunt resident Canadas in your state?