What would you do with ten baby alligators? Beats me, but apparently someone wanted them badly enough to steal them from the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans.

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Someone swiped 10 small alligators from a swamp exhibit at the Audubon Zoo. The zoo isn’t giving details about how the hatchlings were stolen, but the NOPD hopes to recover them and alligator experts are concerned. “As soon as they hatch out of an egg, they will do a death roll on your finger,” said Jim Piculas of the Insta-Gator Hatchery as he lead a tour group at the Covington site. There are hatchlings similar to the ones stolen from a swamp exhibit at the Audubon Zoo at the farm.

Never mind the why, I’m more intrigued with the how, exactly, someone would walk out of a zoo with ten alligators? Did they stuff them in a purse? A camera bag? Down their pants? Forget fingers, just imagine how painful a down-the-pants death roll would be.