Remember Goat Boy, the weird, goat-costumed human seen last week in Utah hanging out with a herd of real mountain goats?

Well, as weird as it sounded then, it just got a little weirder today. As it turns out, Goat Man is a 57-year-old South Carolina bowhunter from Southern California who had traveled to Utah to test out a new disguise (goat camo?) in preparation for a mountain goat hunt in Canada next year.

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_Utah’s infamous “goat man” has been identified. The 57-year-old South Carolina man turned himself in Monday. His story exploded in the media when officials from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources notified the public of a man dressed as a goat, hanging out among wild goat herds on Ben Lomond Peak on Ogden. Their concern was that he could accidentally get shot by hunters. Monday, on the advice of a friend who lives in Utah, the “goat man” came clean. He contacted DWR and identified himself as a hunter from South Carolina. The man told officials he was testing out a new kind of hunting disguise and was told Utah was a good place to find goat herds.
So–crazy like a fox, or just plain crazy? Native Americans used to use the same trick to get close to game animals, but then again, Native Americans didn’t have to worry about getting accidentally shot with a modern centerfire rifle from hundreds of yards away. Maybe if the guy is going to be hunting in an archery-only unit it would seem more reasonable?