Whale sharks are the largest fish in the ocean. They’re also slow, placid gentle giants that routinely suffer the indignity of having people ride them for kicks. But don’t let that fool you: Just because they’re big, slow and look dumb (much like me), that doesn’t mean they’re not pretty damn smart when they need to be (much unlike me).

Take a look at this awesome video of a whale shark going all Hoover on an Indonesian trawler’s net, courtesy of the good folks at Conservation International.

From this story on The Huffington Post:

The close encounter was caught on video by Conservation International, a nonprofit environmental organization headquartered in Arlington, Va. The organization had been stationed in New Guinea to tag whale sharks in the region, according to ninemsn, a New Zealand branch of the online news network. Researchers initially struggled to tag the fish, but found that the whale sharks responded to feeding opportunities at Cenderawasih Bay. In the video, the whale shark can be seen feeding on swarms of baitfish it retrieves through a hole in the net.

Awesome video, eh? Anyone ever seen a whale shark in person? It’s on my list…

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