Don’t mess with Texas–fishing tournaments, that is. Seven people have been slapped with felony charges after allegedly winning five grand in a local fishing tourny using a ringer of a flounder.

From this story in the Sacramento Bee_:_
Investigators say seven people have been charged with fishing fraud in a South Texas tournament. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game warden Jason Duke said Thursday that the suspects allegedly submitted a 2.6 pound flounder not caught during the contest. The South Padre Island Chamber of Commerce sponsored the Aug. 10-12 Ladies Kingfish Tournament. Duke says the defendants won a $5,000 second-place prize. Duke says warrants were served last weekend to four women who entered the tournament and three men. All have been arraigned and are free on bond.

Read more about the fishing fraud here.

In Texas, fishing tournament fraud is a third-degree felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison. And wouldn’t that make some interesting late-night jail cell conversation with your new 300-pound BCF (Best Cellmate Forever).