We all have stories of catching some crazy, outlandish things while fishing (I once caught a jackrabbit on a spinnerbait. Really.), but this one certainly takes the “Friday Afternoon Warm Fuzzy Feel Good” award.

From this story on the Anchorage Daily News:
Kenai River guide Dustin Klepacki, 22, did not expect to perform a rescue mission when he, his father and their friend floated the upper river last weekend. They just wanted to avoid all the combat fishing–just float rapids and fish trout down river, he said. But after a section of rapids, their sunny scene changed–a brown bear cub was drowning in a whirlpool.

“So we’re getting closer and closer and this thing starts screaming,” said Mike Polocz, Klepacki’s father and Alaska H2O Pros owner. “And we’re like, ‘What do we do here? What do we do here?'” The sow and another cub watched from shore, frightened off by the approaching boat as the three assumed their roles. Polocz grabbed a net, Klepacki gripped the oars and their friend Charlie Mettiale filmed from his iPhone.

So what happens next? Just watch the video…