Britain’s royal coat-of-arms may feature three lions, but that’s not cutting any ice with British authorities. They’re hunting a lion allegedly roaming the English countryside.

From this story in the New York Daily News:
Outside the idyllic English village of St. Osyth, police are hunting a lion. A small army of officers and tranquilizer-toting zoo experts, along with a pair of heat-seeking helicopters, are spending their Monday combing the woods, ponds, and farmland around the coastal community after a resident spotted what was believed to be a lion lounging in a field of grass. Where such a beast may have come from is anyone’s guess; the local zoo says its animals are accounted for, and police have said a local circus isn’t missing any either. As of early afternoon, the force hadn’t found any paw prints or droppings, but officers said they were treating the sighting seriously, and so too are St. Osyth’s 4,000-odd residents.

I’m not sure how the British authorities are kitted out to deal with apex predators, so maybe they need to borrow a few double rifles from these guys. They are right there in London.