Kansas has a new state-record blue catfish after an Olathe man pulled (and subsequently released) a massive 102lb. fish from the Missouri river.

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A July 22 article in The Eagle headlined “Monster fish of Kansas” predicted the first official 100-pound blue catfish would soon be pulled from the state’s waters. On Aug. 11, Rob Stanley of Olathe accomplished the feat when he caught a 102.8-pound blue from the Kansas side of the Missouri River in Kansas City. The catfish topped the previous state record of 94 pounds, set on the Kansas River in 2000.

Stanley’s blue could eventually beat its own record. The huge fish was released after Stanley and fishing partner Brad Kilpatrick pampered it through a specially designed weighing process.

According to the story, the fish, which was caught on 80lb. test and a hunk of Asian carp (see, they are good for something…), took 40 minutes to get into the boat. It beat the previous record, set in 2000, by eight pounds.