Chad Love


I think we can all agree that the Brits have demonstrated to the world that they are absolutely wonderful at putting on an Olympics. But identifying large megafauna? Not so much. Remember this story from yesterday? You know, the one about a lion roaming the English countryside? The one broadcasted all over the world?

As it turns out, it was a feline after all: A housecat named “Teddy Bear”…

From this story in the (UK) Telegraph:
A roaming ‘lion’ which caused an extensive police operation after being spotted in a field in Essex is now believed to be a pet cat, with suspects including a ginger cat called Tom and a Maine Coon called Teddy Bear. Neighbours and holidaymakers had originally told police they were certain the large beast had been a marauding lion, which looked to be stalking the field and lazing in the sun. One said it had been “a million per cent lion”, while another reported a man running from the scene screaming: “It’s a f****** lion!”

But a thorough search by police, zoologists and wildlife experts found no sign of such an animal, with no lions being reported missing in the area of St Osyth, near Clacton, Essex. The excitement now appears to have been caused by a large domestic cat, with amused locals already compiling a list of possible candidates for the beast which caused the scare.

According to the story, “Teddy Bear” is the leading suspect, since he lives just a few hundred yards from where the “lion” was spotted. Teddy Bear’s owner say it had to have been him, since he often wanders into the field.

Now, as it so happens, my wife owns a Maine Coon, (the worthless thing is even registered) and while both the breed and my wife’s cat are monstrously huge animals (at least by housecat standards) and I’m sure that ‘ol Teddy Bear is no shrinking violet, either. How can you possibly mistake an 18-pound housecat for a 400-pound lion? And not just mildly mistake one for the other, either. Not “I say, old chap, doesn’t that appear to be a lion loafing in that field?”, but a man screaming, “It’s a f****** lion!”