Yesterday, Joe Cermele asked if everyone was getting pumped for the Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week. Many of you are. Apparently, so are the sharks….

From this story on
State marine biologists believe a great white shark was the likely predator that bit a man Monday as he swam in deep water at Ballston Beach. The man, identified as Christopher Myers, had severe cuts to his lower legs. He was being treated Tuesday at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, a hospital spokesman said. The last confirmed injury in Massachusetts by a great white shark occurred in 1936, state officials said.

Shark expert Gregory Skomal of the state Department of Fish and Game’s Division of Marine Fisheries concluded the Truro bite was likely the work of a great white shark after he reviewed eyewitness descriptions of the fin and considered the presence of seals and the extent of the injury.

Scary stuff. This is probably not the kind of Shark Week Christopher Myers was hoping for. Here’s hoping he makes a full recovery. Is it just me, or is this just a crazy shark year?