Aw, the venerable “Man Bites Dog” story. Except this time, it was “Man Bites Snake.” But not just any snake. This man went all orthodontic on a cobra.

From this Reuters story:
A Nepali man who was bitten by a cobra snake bit it back and killed the reptile in a tit-for-tat attack, a newspaper said on Thursday. Nepali daily Annapurna Post said Mohamed Salmo Miya chased the snake, which bit him in his rice paddy on Tuesday, caught it and bit it until it died. “I could have killed it with a stick but bit it with my teeth instead because I was angry,” the 55-year-old Miya, who lives in a village some 200 km (125 miles) southeast of the Nepali capital of Kathmandu, was quoted by the daily as saying. The snake, called “goman” in Nepal, is also known as the Common Cobra.
According to the story, officials say the man, who was being treated at a local hospital, won’t be charged with killing the cobra because it wasn’t endangered. The species, that is. The one that bit him became very endangered, indeed. Sometimes you just pick the wrong dude to mess with.