What is it about bragging on Internet chat rooms and other social media that seems to suck in lawbreaking dummies? Whatever the reason, the irresistible appeal of public braggadocio is going to cost one overly chatty Texas man a pretty penny following his good day on the water.

From this story on Yahoo news:
25-year-old Dustin Heathman is in trouble after he went on the Austin Bass Fishing Forum to brag about the big amount of bass he had caught. Under a screen name Heathman wrote that he had “put around 40 fish in the boat with 22 keepers”. But what he may not have known was that he had broken the law. One person on a boat is allowed to take home five fish. The other members of the website started to warn Heathman, bash him, and some even reported him to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Heathman has defended himself by saying he deserved to keep that many fish because he usually throws them back and that he had family in town to feed who wanted a fish fry. The fine hasn’t been determined yet, but he may have to pay up to $500 per extra fish.

Looks like he probably should have just taken his entire family out to a restaurant. It probably would have been a lot cheaper. And less humiliating…