These aren’t such good times to be a middle-class public-land hunter, but it’s not all bad news…

From this press release from Ducks Unlimited:
Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe yesterday announced a landmark investment of nearly $30 million in the future of wetlands, waterfowl and public waterfowl hunting across the country through expanded refuges and hunting programs. Breaking down the total, nearly $11 million in revenue from the Migratory Bird Conservation Fund will add more than 10,000 wetland acres to seven units in the National Wildlife Refuge System, and an additional $18.4 million in federal funding will conserve more than 95,000 acres of wetlands and associated habitat under the North American Wetlands Conservation Act. Expanded hunting activities will also be added on 16 national wildlife refuges in 14 states, including several new and enhanced migratory bird hunting opportunities.

Those are your tax dollars being utilized on your public lands for the betterment of your cherished hunting traditions.