Remember this blog post about the future of drones and hunting? Well guess what? The future is here, much sooner than even I thought.

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_In the future there might be no need to sit in a deer blind for hours, freezing and bored. Instead, all you’ll have to do is walk out your front door, launch your drone, pop a cold one and wait for it to shoot dinner. That’s the idea proposed by Bailey Hurt, whose “Critter Gitter” concept landed on our desks a little while ago as part of the Found contest, which challenges Wired readers to imagine devices of the future. Relax, folks, it’s just a parody. I’d say were at least, oh, two years away from that reality…
The mock-up’s creator was kidding, of course and says he was just trying to get people to think about the ever-evolving nexus of drones, technology and guns.

From the story: “It’s all very tongue-in-cheek,” admits Hurt, an art director who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. “But at the same time I’m trying to use that humor to get people to think about the larger implications of drones and guns.”

Hurt says he has nothing against guns or drones and the project is not meant to offend hunters. But he says the “Critter Gitter” is definitely a comment on gun culture and the heightened use of drones in the war in Afghanistan. He says that the absurdity of the “Critter Gitter” is supposed to make people step back and think more broadly about what all this new technology means.

Do you think the mock-up is a genuine effort to get people thinking about the the far-reaching implications of technology (self-examination is always a worthy goal) or just a thinly-disguised cheap shot at hunters and gun owners?