What’s the biggest fish fillet you’ve ever tried to fry? A British “chippy” has apparently just set the world-record for the largest portion of fish and chips ever cooked, with the meal topping out at over 100 pounds.

From this story in the Enfield (UK) Independent_:
__An Enfield chippy holds the Guinness World Record for the largest portion of fish and chips. Fish and Chips @ in London Road battered a massive meal in July which weighed 47.75kg, battering the previous record holders by almost 2kg. Guinness have spent the past two months adjudicating the record and revealed last week that Enfield is the worthy winner._

According to the story, the record slab of fish and fries came at a hefty price. Not only did the halibut cost over a thousand pounds, but the shop had to install special fryers to cook the huge fish. The entire meal, fish and chips, weighed in at 47.75 kilograms, with half the total coming from chips and half from the two halibut fillets. So, if my reckoning is correct, each fillet weighed around 25 pounds.