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Here you go, guys. She wants a ring. You want a new gun. Buy her the ring. Get the gun. Everyone lives happily ever after…

From this story in USA Today:
A Georgia jewelry store owner has come up with a new way to sell diamonds, WSB-TV reports. Give away free guns with each purchase. “A lot of our customers are hunters, and it just seemed like a great thing to do,” Mike Geller, who owns two D. Geller and Son Jewelers, told the station. “It’s unbelievable! There’s websites that got a million hits about it.” Customers who purchase diamonds worth $2,499 or more from the Cobb County stores get free hunting rifles._

According to the story, Geller got the idea after seeing a similar promotion at a Missouri car dealership. It’s a novel idea, of course, but state pride demands that I inform Mr. Geller the buy a diamond, get a gun idea has already been done (where else?) in the great, gun-crazy state of Oklahoma.