I know that college students historically are a traditionally malnourished bunch, what with the price of tuition, books and beer, there’s just not much left over for food. I well remember my mac-n-cheese days, supplemented with whatever edible wild bits I could catch or shoot. Ahh, good times… But I drew the line at hamsters, man.

From this story in the (UK) Sun:

RIVAL rodent experts are lined up for a court battle as a student faces a cruelty trial for allegedly cooking a live HAMSTER. James White, 21, is challenging the prosecution claim that the pet was alive when it went into a pan. He was arrested after police were called to a block of flats following reports of a drunk asleep in a communal area. Inside White’s flat they are understood to have noticed a strange smell from the kitchen and found the dead hamster in a frying pan on the stove. Tests allegedly showed the hamster died of heart failure brought on by excessive heat.

OK, this kid’s guilt, innocence or sanity aside, what’s the weirdest “locavore” food you ever scrounged in college?