Here’s one from the “Always Watch Your Backcast, Especially Around Neo-Nazis” files. A melee erupted along a Roanoke, Virginia waterway when an angler casting his fishing pole accidentally whacked a woman who was walking by with a friend. Then things got weird.

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It started when a man and a woman were walking along the Greenway, and came upon two other men who were fishing. A fishing pole accidentally hit the man and the woman. The woman who was hit by the pole told police that she “did go off,” and began arguing with the two men. That’s when she flashed two tattoos on her arm, one of which was a swastika; the other had the initials “SS.” She didn’t tell police why she flashed the tattoos. Police say after she flashed the tattoos, a fight broke out that involved sticks, rocks, and fists.

According to the story, the two anglers then produced machetes and proceeded to chase the woman and her friend until they managed to flag down a passing car. The machete-wielding anglers are still at large, and the Nazi-tattooed woman is probably considering laser tattoo removal, and possibly therapy. And the takeaway from this story is…?