Last year, you may recall the Utah lab that accidentally shot his master in the buttocks while the pair were duck hunting.

Well, a similiar incident occurred recently in France.

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The last thing an experienced hunter would expect is to be shot by his “best friend” while they’re out hunting together. Especially when “best friend” actually refers to his dog. But that’s exactly what happened last weekend to 55-year-old Rene of France, who refused to give his last name. “He jumped on me as if to give me a hug,” said Rene, “and as he jumped, his paw hit the trigger.”

According to the story, Rene was deer hunting with three of his Blue Gascony basset hounds when his youngest dog jumped up on him, set off the gun, and basically blew Rene’s right hand off. The hand, mangled beyond repair, had to be amputated. Rene does not blame the dog, but himself.