Would you pay good money to pile into a boat and ride around in a sweltering swamp all day long covered in mud, alligator gore and skeeter bites? These people would. Call them swamp-curious.

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The sight of a taut rope extending from a tree branch deep into murky marsh water here in Vermilion Parish was enough to wake up the hunters and make their adrenaline pump. Reggie Little’s tired face lit up. He awoke at 2 a.m. to prepare for the hunt, but the exhaustion faded when he remembered an alligator was at the end of that rope, the first of 30 lines he and a partner baited with beef spleen or rancid chicken parts the morning before. A silence fell over Little’s boat’s occupants — Otto Ritter and Jim Peterson, two Indiana tourists — when they realized they were about to see their first live gator, and kill it.

That’s right, Swamp People-inspired alligator hunting tourism is a growing trend in Louisiana. If you’ve always dreamed of wrestling with a giant lizard in a small boat, but you happen to live in, say, Brooklyn, here’s your chance. According to the story, an increasing number of out-of-state tourists are paying to tag along with Louisiana’s alligator hunters, at around $1,500 a pop. Just a TV-inspired fad, or a new and sustainable form of eco-tourism?