Drought conditions are so extreme in certain areas that it may affect hunting opportunities on some Montana public lands this fall.

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Such dry weather conditions have caused fire restrictions and red flag warnings across the state. These could also restrict where you hunt. Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks has partnerships with private landowners, allowing hunters to use their land during the season. These are called block management areas. During dry conditions with high fire danger these landowners have the right to close their land to hunters or add restrictions, like only allowing smoking in a car to minimize the risk of causing a fire.

It’s simple, really: Two of the most common causes of entirely preventable grass fires are cigarette butts and catalytic converters, so don’t throw cigarette butts on the ground, ever, and don’t drive or park your truck in tall grass or other vegetation that can reach your vehicle’s undercarriage.

Have drought conditions improved in your area? Do you anticipate any public hunting areas being closed due to high fire danger?