Trains, automobiles, pedestrians and bicyclists all have their dedicated overpasses spanning busy highways below. Now you can speedgoat to that list with the opening of several dedicated pronghorn overpasses in Wyoming.

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The fastest land animal in the U.S. now has safe passage across a Wyoming highway — extending a seasonal migration that’s been going on for 6,000 years. Pronghorn antelope have started using two overpasses atop Highway 191 that were completed this fall, the Wildlife Conservation Society announced this week. Eight-foot high fencing channels the animals to the crossing points.

According to the story, the $10 million project includes eight wildlife passages along a 13-mile stretch of US 191, six underpasses for deer, elk, moose and other animals, and two overpasses for antelope, which apparently do not like tunnels. Several hundred antelope will use the overpasses on their 93-mile seasonal migration between winter sagebrush in the Upper Green River Basin and summer grounds in Grand Teton National Park.